The CryptoHero team is pleased to announce the latest feature to empower traders to trade better. Before this latest update, an RSI trigger is based on a cross-down condition. This means if you have set the entry condition for RSI to be 30, the RSI chart has to trend from greater than 30 to less than 30 in order for the condition to be triggered.

In this update, a trader can now configure the RSI trigger to activate only on cross-up. ¬†With the above example and if RSI is set to “cross-up”, this means that the RSI trend has to go from less than 30 to more than 30 in order for the bot to enter a trade.

This feature is particularly useful for only opening a position when the probability for a trend reversal is higher.

The RSI cross-up/down feature is available in the Advanced bot.

Thank you for using CryptoHero, one of the leading crypto trading bots in the world.