We have finalised the listing criteria for a bot to qualify for submission to the Bots Marketplace. Please note that we may still from time to time make changes to the listing criteria.

Minimum W/L Ratio >= 50%



(Minimum APY >= 10% AND number of deals >= 10)


(Minimum APY>= 2% AND number of deals >= 50)


Please review the table below for examples:


Bot’s APY     |      W/L Ratio      |       Deals

5% | 65% | 54 = Qualify for Submission

68% | 40% | 155 = Does not qualify

18% | 50% | 8 = Does not qualify

18% | 50% | 15 = Qualify for Submission

3% | 52% | 389 = Qualify for Submission


Please note that qualification for submission of your bot does not mean that it will be listed in our Bots Marketplace. 

We will also charge a 20% fee on all revenue that your bots earn.

Only Premium and Professional users can submit their bots to be included in the Bots Marketplace. However, all users can rent any bot listed on the Marketplace. If you lose your Premium or Professional status, your bots will be removed from the Bots Marketplace immediately without notice.

All users who list or rent bots are subject to the terms and conditions of the Bots Marketplace.

IMPORTANT: The terms and conditions stated are subject to change.