Dear Fellow CryptoHeroes

Since CryptoHero was launched in early 2021, we have gone from a nobody to one of the most successful crypto trading bot software in the market. From zero to thousands of users worldwide, our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. We could not have done it without you. Equally important, this growth would not have been possible without a cohesive team that grinds weekdays and weekends in order to ensure our users’ requests are met and our software is getting better by the day.

During this high-growth phase, it is also inevitable that there will be bugs when we introduced new versions. I would like to assure our users that the team will always fix every reported issues. Although we are not perfect, the entire team has one singular focus – that is to make CryptoHero a better software for you. As the famous saying goes “If you are not breaking things, you are not moving fast enough”. I could not agree more. In my years of entrepreneurship building successful businesses, progress sometimes takes priority over quality. Although this is not ideal, we will always ensure that the stability and robustness of the software will ultimately catch up with the latest features.

Among all the software business that I have started, CryptoHero is the most challenging of them all. It is not easy to develop a stable crypto trading bot software. There are so many uncontrollable variables (such as third-party crypto exchanges, unpredictable market data, etc) that often times impact the robustness of our software. The CryptoHero today is easily a hundred times better than the CryptoHero of 2021. Hence, we ask for your patience as we continue to improve the software, to make it better, faster and more stable for you.

The roadmap remains very exciting. We had just launched our version 1.5 in the middle of March with the Bots Marketplace as the centrepiece feature. The Bots Marketplace has really paved the way for many new users to gain a quick start into the world of automated crypto trading.

Our next version will boast of many new features such as grid trading as well as interfacing with external signal providers. There are many other cool features that I hope will get you excited.

Once again, thank you for being a part of the CryptoHero family. May you prosper in health and wealth in this year and for years to come.

Christopher Low

CEO and Founder