In traditional finance, one can easily value a company by poring through its financial data and injecting those data to a valuation model.

Not so for crypto.

Many crypto projects have yet to become profitable. There are no publicly available financial numbers other than blockchain data available on their respective explorers. Hence, many traders find it hard to know for certain what is the fair value for a digital token or coin trading on an exchange.

Many of us either becomes a hodler or fail miserably trying to time the market. Buying the dip sounds easy but in reality it is much harder to execute. Who would be brave enough to buy when the market is crashing? Ironically, most of us would jump on the bandwagon when the coin’s price starts to shoot for the moon.

Hence, it is better to use a crypto trading bot to help trade the market in an objective and emotionless manner. Crypto bots such as CryptoHero ( has become the main trading companion for many new crypto traders. Indeed, using a crypto bot will most probably be wiser than trying to time the market.