Nothing excites us more than to see our users making profits from using our CryptoHero software. After all, that is what a good crypto trading bot is designed for – allowing a user to capitalise on market inefficiencies and to trade on periods when the user is not in front of his or her trading screen.

Our team has been hard at work relentlessly on the next iteration of CryptoHero – the new version 1.4. As we are tinkering, breaking things and assembling them back into a better form, lo and behold, CryptoHero encountered a huge surge in new users in the last few days. This has caused our servers’ capacities to be stretched to its limits. The team immediately increased our hardware capacity and enhanced the server side to support the multifold increase in user load. This is indeed a good problem to have but a problem we are determined to resolve asap.

We are pleased to announce that the server load is now back to optimal level. We have also prematurely updated our servers with some of the performance enhancements designed for v1.4 so that our existing users will continue to enjoy a good app experience.

Building a crypto trading bot is not easy. Hence, we would like to thank each of you for your patience and continued support for our software. Our work with v1.4 continues and we hope to announce a release somewhere by mid October.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram channel or drop a note to our email.

Happy trading.