“No one can time the market”. “The market is King”. These are some wise words immortalised over the last several decades among the trading fraternity. Indeed, the market has humbled even the “wisest” or “luckiest” of traders. But, with the help of technologies, sophisticated crypto traders have indeed turned the tide.

There are three general trend patterns for any market – Up, Down and Range. In this article, we will share how a crypto trader can use a crypto trading bot like CryptoHero to trade a range-bound market.

A key attribute of a range bound market is that the price oscillates within a band (duh). As market tends to move in “random” in a range bound trend – you never know when the inflection point is – using technical indicators would help a crypto trader in trying to buy in on the lows and sell on the highs.

One of the most popular technical indicator for trading range is the Stochastic RSI. The latter indicator is a fast moving oscillator which provides some indication of when to buy and when to sell. By using a crypto trading bot equipped with Stochastic RSI, one can finally trade a range-bound market.