CryptoHero’s latest strategy designer allows a trader to implement a wholistic strategy that consists of multiple sub-strategies. Each sub-strategy is implemented by a CryptoHero trading bot. 

Before the Strategy Designer is released, a user can only configure a bot to trade on either Long or Short strategy. In addition, each bot is confined to its own set of entry and exit conditions. This prevents a trader from capturing the ups, downs and range-bound effect of a market.

With a Strategy Designer, a user can now create a chain of bots that execute consecutively or in parallel to form a wholistic strategy. 

Let us take a simple example of a user who wants to implement a Long-Short strategy. Basically, a Long-Short requires a trading strategy to execute a Long (buy low sell high) and then to execute a Short strategy (sell high buy low) thereafter. This allows a trader to capture the ups and downs of a market more effectively. 

Let us further expand this example with a trader who notices that a coin tends to go through 3 upwards (steps) trajectory before falling. He can setup 3 Long bots and 1 Short bot to form a wholistic strategy. Each of the Long-only bot can also differ in their entry and exit conditions. After the third long bot has completed its deal, it will activate the Short bot.

Strategy Designer creates an open fabric for traders to build up their own complete strategies by linking multiple bots together. Indeed, with the new Strategy Designer, CryptoHero has made it possible for traders to implement a wide range of strategies through easy to use bots setup.