Want to prove that you are the best in automated trading? Now’s your chance! Participate in CryptoHero Xmas 2022 Trading Competition and stand to win exciting prizes!

First Prize: 1000 USDT + One Year of Master Plan Subscription (worth (2000 USDT)

Second Prize: 200 USDT + One Year of Professional Plan (worth 500 USDT)

Third Prize: One Year of Professional Plan Subscription (worth 140 USDT)

Winners will be based on number of points earned. Points earnings are as follow:

– 3 Points for each completed Futures deal

– 1 Point for each completed Spot deal

– 10 Points for profitable completed Futures deal

– 5 Points for profitable completed Spot deal

– Bonus 100 Points for highest earning among submissions.

Qualification Period:

1 Dec – 31 Dec 2022 (2359, Dec 31 2022 UTC time)

Results will be announced by the 14th Jan 2023

To participate, please submit your account email to [email protected] with the email subject “Xmas Trading Competition”. We will be able to pull your records for December and tabulate the Points.

Thank you.