Many of us have often bought into a position, usually due to FOMO, only to find the asset price going south. If only these moments of impatience can be governed by objective rules that determine the “optimal” entry price.

Most of us have definitely bought into an asset that is skyrocketing simply because we are impatient. We do not care when is the low and we are just afraid to lose out if the price keeps going up. More often than not, these “rash” decision work against us.

This is the reason why a crypto trading bot is extremely essential to any trader’s tool. A good trader will always use a crypto trading bot to help enter the market at “optimal” times and this habit becomes a discipline.

A good DCA crypto trading bot can essentially be configured to buy the dips and coupled with the Martingale effect, would allow the trader to perform relatively well in either bull or bear markets. By using a crypto trading bot, a trader is assured that any trading decision is void of human emotions and is based purely on quantitative variables.

In conclusion, it is never a good idea to trade on your own. Having a crypto trading bot to assist you in your trading is probably the best long term trading strategy any trader should have.

It takes discipline to use a crypto trading bot through good and bad times. And having a disciplined mindset is what elevates a trader from good to great.