Many, if not all, crypto exchanges have affiliate or broker programs. What are they? They are programs designed to reward partners who bring them users. These users trade and generate commission revenue which is then shared with the partner.

Hence, it is natural for many companies to join the exchanges’ brokers programs since it is literally free money to be taken off the table. However, at CryptoHero, we have intentionally walked away from being part of any exchanges’ broker programs.


First and foremost, we believe that our main motivation should be to create the best crypto trading bot software in the world. Of course, revenue is important for us in order to upkeep the development and operational costs and having to forsake the lucrative commission revenue from the various broker programs just does not make business sense. But, if we are to do this, we will never be able to focus on the relentless pursuit of improving CryptoHero and making it to be the best crypto trading bot in the world.

Secondly, we value our users’ data. Unless there is a strong partnership in place or obtaining users’ consent to release their trading data, we will never intentionally release our users’ trade data to any third parties. It just does not feel “right” for us to sacrifice our users’ data for the commission revenue earned through brokers program.

Last but not least, CryptoHero is backed by the Novum Group which is a respectable blockchain company operating in the investment space. We have enough capital to sustain the development of CryptoHero and this has allowed us to make decisions in the interest of our users. As the famous saying goes “Customer is King”, we could not agree more. The luxury of being able to do right and keeping our focus and motivation intact will allow the CryptoHero team to create the best crypto trading bot software.

To conclude, we reiterate what our CEO and Founder has said – “Semper Anticus”. We will always keep moving forward.