A crypto trading bot can help traders trade the market more efficiently. Not only does it continuously monitor the market, but more importantly, it executes trades based on data instead of emotions. This is intelligent trading. By using a tool like CryptoHero, users can begin their automated trading journey in a couple of minutes.

CryptoHero is a next-generation automated crypto trading platform. Unlike many other tools that are complicated to use, CryptoHero’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly.

Assuming a new user has signed up for CryptoHero’s Premium plan, they can immediately create their first bot through the following avenues:

CryptoHero’s Bots Marketplace 

The Bots Marketplace consists of bots created by experienced traders who have run their bots for a period of time with good performance figures. A new CryptoHero user can head over to the Marketplace and rent a bot that suits his or her trading objective and risk profile. The Bots Marketplace now comes with Live Performance Data that allows a user to see how a bot has done for its renters.

CryptoHero empowers traders to trade the crypto markets with greater intelligence. Traders can use CryptoHero for automated live trades. Join thousands of CryptoHero traders who realized that automated trading is actually not as difficult as it sounds.