With so many crypto trading bots in the market, security of your funds is more important than ever. You definitely do not want to use a crypto trading bot from a dubious developer. Here are some of the important considerations when choosing a crypto trading bot.

I. Funds Should Never Leave Your Crypto Exchange Account

Make sure the crypto trading bot connects to your crypto exchange via API (Application Programming Interface) keys. You should never have to transfer funds to the crypto trading bot. In addition, be wary of bots which require you to enable “Withdrawal”. You must NEVER ever enable the “Withdrawal” option for your API keys.

With CryptoHero, funds always stay within your crypto exchange account.

II. You Know What Is Going On

A well-designed and secure crypto trading bot software should always give you control over the bot’s behaviour. In this case, you will know why the bot made a transaction. A crypto trading bot software which boasts of a “black box” approach should be avoided.

CryptoHero gives user the ability to set the bot’s configurations and hence behaviour.

III. All About The Team And Company

Is the founding management team experienced? Are they here today and gone tomorrow? In choosing a crypto trading bot software, the founding team is very important. Choose a team which has demonstrated experience in the software business. It would be even better if the founding team members are experienced in the financial market.

The founder of CryptoHero, Mr Christopher Low, has successfully founded and exited numerous software companies. He is also a licensed crypto fund manager and possessed a substantial amount of trading and financial experience. CryptoHero is a product of the Novum Group, a leading conglomerate operating in the blockchain space.

IV. Passionate Customer Support

A good software is only as good as the customer support service experience. Make sure you choose a software provider which responds within 12-24 hours of your support request. It would be better if they offer real time chat as well.

CryptoHero offers 24/7 real time chat support via WhatsApp and Telegram. In addition, its email based customer support is proven to be fast and efficient.

V. Always Improving

Choose a crypto trading bot software which is always improving. Check the latest news and updates on when their last version was released. A warning sign should be heeded if the last update is more than a year. A good software should always have continuous update no later than six months apart.

CryptoHero is always improving its crypto trading bot platform. Its latest v1.3 release was just launched on 19th July 2021, three months after v1.2 was launched. With the latest v1.3, CryptoHero is now available on both iOS and Android as well. Its web app is also well-received by its users.